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SKY OF TAIPEI FSX is one of FlightSoft newest titles in our Asian Collection.  FlightSoft's newest Asian add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X provides the flightsim add-on market with one of its most detailed and precise scenery add-ons for PC pilots of all levels of expertise.  TAIPEI extraordinary scenery details will make this title one of the most important add-ons in your library and complete your Asian collection for FSX.

SKY OF TAIPEI FSX will immerse the PC Pilot in all the realistic flight scenarios encountered on approaches to this capital city of Taiwan and its famous airports including its International Airport will become the centerpieces of many flight scenarios tuned to the particular terrain and navigational aides to assist you in your maneuvers to these airports.

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The airports are meticulously rendered as close as possible to real life with lots of AI traffic and detailed renderings of  hangar buildings, terminal buildings complete with native language signs, trucks, little vehicles and lots of aircraft traffic to give you all the sights, sounds and sensations of being in its real world counterpart.  Flight Soft software gurus have spared no expensive in this meticulous effort to simulate flying into Taipei's busy airfields on numerous approaches with general aviation aircraft.  We thought the Cessna would provide PC Pilot with the best opportunities to explore up-close and personal in low flying maneuvers all the detailed renderings of buildings, busy moving street traffic and lots of exciting terrain challenges that will make SKY OF TAIPEI FSX one of the most exciting product innovations for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

As you negotiate those steep turns and maneuver to the approach phase of your flight don’t forget to look out your side windows and bask in the enormous details provided by FlightSoft’s software engineers as you’ll fly over the same landmarks, busy streets filled with moving traffic and all the terrain particulars that make Taipei an exciting and moving experience in your library of Asian titles for FSX.

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As you fly over the city on approach to Taipei's International Airport don’t forget to watch for bird strikes as propeller aircraft can be vulnerable to these critters particularly on the final approach phase … keep an attentive eye out the cockpit window and watch for small birds as you fly low over houses, buildings and an amazing array of street traffic before touching down at Taipei's famous Chang Kai Check International Airport where you’ll see the big jetliners moving around along with busy ground traffic and Air Traffic Control personnel directing all this busy airport traffic so as to make your arrival at this famous landmark Asian airport as safe and easy to disembark your passengers as any experience you’ve had at airports anywhere in the world.

SKY OF TAIPEI FSX will provide simulator pilots of all ages with an extraordinary library of designer flight scenario including detailed flight maneuvers for arrival and approaches to all the major airports in TAIPEI including some small airfields that will test your PC pilot skills in airfields rendered with the exact terrain challenges of their real world counterparts.   This BONUS FEATURE will provide us with an opportunity to visit many destination hot spots in Taipei that challenge local pilots in the real world along with PC simulator pilots that love a challenge in a foreign aviation context.  You’ll view plush vegetation, plenty of exotic palm trees and the type of landscape designs familiar to PC Pilots who have purchased FlightSoft’s legendary Island Airport and Scenery titles.

Sky of Taipei FSX for Microsoft Flight Simulator X is also backward compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.

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