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As Real As Can Be Jetliners/Panels

By FlightSim.Com Staff



EEarlier I reviewed 767DEMO.ZIP which gave you a hint of the fine work done by (FlightSoft), and now I can announce that their AS REAL AS CAN BE series of the most realistic jet airliners I have ever seen for the Flightsim world are available!

Two Collections are available now. The aircraft are all 767-300 models, and as you can see have the most accurate, detailed, scale parts on any airliner made for MS Flightsim 5 or FSFW95. Real airliner buffs will notice that these planes are just like 3D blueprints of the real thing. Accurate placing of doors, windows, markings, lights, control surfaces, landing gear, tires, struts and more! And it's all to real scale. Each piece! I have never seen such great craftsmanship in any modern airliner. I often find myself just staring at these in awe, and not even flying them - because they are so beautiful.

The North American Collection includes 767-300s of American, TWA, United, Air Canada, Canadian and more. The European Edition includes 767-300s of Air France, British Airways, SAS, KLM and more. As you can see, on some of the aircraft, the paint actually shines!

Not only do you get the greatest looking airliners, perhaps the most important feature is how they fly. Well, I can say with confidence I have deleted all other 3rd party aircraft off my flightsim directory after using the As Real As Can Be collections! I never thought I would say that, but these two designers have done the best I believe can possibly be done with airliner design. The flight model was so stable and refined.. I didn't think I was flying Flightsim! Many real airline pilots who have tested these aircraft claim these fly sooooo real, that they too are astonished this is really a Flightsim product! You too will be amazed, and be speechless! Just think... you will fly these heavy jets and notice you rarely even need trim anymore... and making the hair raising IGS 13 approach in Hong Kong will be done with great precision and accuracy like never before... just like real!

To top off the great set of aircraft, you will receive with the European Collection, the great new 757 / 767 panel as well. This panel resembles more of a real 757 / 767 panel than does the excellent 777 panel we have all grown to love. The 767 panel as seen here performs well and troublefree. The only thing I didn't like was the artificial horizon indicator. It was from the Cessna. However upon examining it closely, I realise what I was seeing was an attempt to recreate the digital round artifical horizon found on the modern glass-cockpit boeing 757 and 767. With this in mind, I didn't mind it as much. Due to flightsim restrictions, we have yet to see an actual moving map display on the other EFIS tube; what you'll get is the traditional VOR #1 display.

Both Collections come with another goodie! Several fabulous Adventures. These adventures are accurately done from real ATC arrival routings and approach plates. The clearances you receive are the ones the real flights will get, and the vectors to the arrival are normal real-life vectors and will bring you precisely onto the final LOC interception allowing even novice airline pilots to make really wonderful approaches.

This product really gets me excited about what these two have in store for us in the future. The aircraft and adventures here will easily be converted with the Microsoft FSFW95 converter program found here on FlightSim.Com. I am happy to say these 767s fly just about as great as they did in FS5.

AS REAL AS CAN BE is busily working on more airliners, panels and adventures. I had a peek at some of the 777s they have made, and as expected... all I can say is Wow!

Visit FlightSoft's Web page for more information or to place an order.