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Fly to TOKYO FSX is a landmark title in our Asian Collection.  FlightSoft newest Asian add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X provides the flight sim add-on market with one of its most exciting products for PC pilots of all levels of expertise.  FlightSoft software engineers have designed a collection of meticulously crafted Asian airliners whose visual looks model the exact real world counterparts.

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FLY TO TOKYO FSX will immerse the PC Pilot in all the realistic flight scenarios encountered on approaches to this capital city’s famous airports namely Narita International Airport and the new island airport of Haneda.  Both airports provide distinct challenges to the flight simulator pilot including the challenges posed by moving air traffic and ground traffic during taxi arrivals and departures.  Haneda and Narita provide the flight sim enthusiast with some of the busiest ground traffic on arrivals and departures of any airport in Asia.  FlightSoft’s customers will experience all the thrills of flying into busy airfields with a variety of new challenges thrown in for good measure.

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FLY TO TOKYO FSX will provide simulator pilots of all ages with an extraordinary library of designer flight scenario arrival and approaches to all the major airports in JAPAN not just TOKYO.  This BONUS FEATURE will provide customers an opportunity to visit many destination hot spots in Japan.  You’ll fly into airports in TOKYO, YOKOTA Airbase, OKINAWA, OSAKA, KOMATSU, NAGASAKI, IWOJIMA, HIROSHIMA,  and much much more!  These exotic destinations will provide PC pilots of all ages with an abundant library of designer flight approaches that challenge all skill levels as you exit the Arrival STAR and transition to the approach profile phase of your journey.  The PC Pilot will be offered opportunities to fly approaches tailor made to airports with real world terrain challenges that require precision in flight maneuvers.

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FlightSoft software engineers developed special night effects and don’t be surprised to see persons seated in the aircraft finishing up dessert as the aircraft touches down in one of the most exotic destinations in JAPAN.  Our special night effects will bring a level of realism to all your flight simulator arrivals and departures at these busy airports.

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PC Pilots will drool at the brilliant renderings of real life aviation features.  The jetliners alone are worth the price of the package.   You’ll receive our entire ASIAN JETLINERS PACKAGE which include most of the famous airliners in Asia rendered in unparalleled realism.   FlightSoft’s real world airliner sound effects will put a smile on your face.  The Glass Cockpit Panel with many innovative MD10 features will inspire the PC pilot with its sleek modern technological upgrades just in time for FSX. Your real world flight scenarios will provide you with an entire library of approaches to all the challenging airports in Japan.   Just look at these screenshots taken in Microsoft Flight Simulator X and you’ll be convinced that FlightSoft’s software engineers have surpassed all expectations in their realistic renderings of Asian airliners and the vacation destinations that they frequent on their journeys to Japan and beyond.

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FLY TO TOKYO FSX is your passport to one of Asia’s hottest destinations with city airports, International Airports, regional airbases, and resort destinations including some surprise locations and now an exclusive design for Microsoft Flight Simulator X with backward compatibility for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.

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