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FlightSoft’s  FLY TO SWITZERLAND FSX is destined to become a `classic’ and you’ll know you’ve arrived in this frosty landscape when the windshield of your aircraft starts to frost and the hail and snow flakes as big as a mitten make their impressions on your view outside.  This is a `frosty’ classic of a holiday vacation  adventure as PC pilots of all ages and levels of experience will fly to some of the most weather challenged airports in the world just imagine your view outside your cockpit as a bright green meadow comes into view and small elegant homes dot the landscape … is that the runway coming into view down yonder?   You can see the bright runway lighting system come into view as you approach and descend down to 1,000 ft. agl …. You’ll see snow capped mountains so high that you’ll do a double take as you marvel at the sights and sounds as you cross the runway threshold and touchdown softly on the centerline of the runway .. a few bumps and squeaks of the tires on the tarmac
and you’ve literally arrived at your destination.

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Please hold on to your seats as the aircraft slows down to taxi speed and you taxi over to the International Terminal … you’re about to experience one of the most incredible countries in Europe with breathtaking destinations like ZURICH,  GENEVA, LUCERNE, LUGANO, INTERLAKEN and BERN … please put your sun glasses on and get ready for the best ski slopes in the world.   This is a ski enthusiasts dream come true. Now you can experience the best Switzerland has to offer with FlightSoft's Fly to Switzerland FSX.

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Each approach to a famous Swiss destination has been masterfully crafted with plenty of excitement, real world simulation accuracy, and plenty of last second surprises … these programmed automated approach masterpieces are as perfectly made as a Swiss watch … you’ll marvel at the long trek thru the arrival route as your aircraft does its twists and turns and somehow manages without your input to transition almost miraculously to the final approach phase of the flight and then with meticulous accuracy negotiate those maneuvers to a slippery slide kind of way right onto the centerline of the runway for a breathtaking approach to any and all of the most famous destination airports in Switzerland.  

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FlightSoft’s FSX titles in the EUROPEAN COLLECTION is packed with an assortment of different challenges with specific titles focused on a different European country with brilliantly crafted arrivals to world famous destinations.  FlightSoft’s FLY TO SWITZERLAND FSX and other titles in its European Collection will keep the adrenalin pumping as you navigate those twists and turns on final approach as clouds give way to stupendous vistas below with beautifully programmed special runway lighting effects on approaches to world famous destinations throughout Europe.

FLY TO SWITZERLAND FSX is just one of the exciting new titles in FlightSoft’s ambitious EUROPEAN COLLECTION for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.   FLY TO SWITZERLAND FSX is your passport to Europe with custom approaches to some of the most beautiful places on earth.   FlightSoft’s European Collection add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X  will provide you with approaches flying Europe’s popular airliners to famous places throughout the European continent … come fly with us and experience the most stunning new FSX titles arriving on retail store shelves this Holiday Season. 

FLY TO SWITZERLAND FSX and other European Collection Add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X will include the EUROPEAN JETLINER’s COLLECTION a large assortment of the most popular airliners in Europe with brilliantly crafted DC10 Wide Body Jetliners and an advanced Glass Cockpit Panel with a wide assortment of MD10 cockpit features.  

REMEMBER FLY TO SWITZERLAND FSX for Microsoft Flight Simulator X is also backward compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. 

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