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Fly to Singapore FSX is a breathtaking new scenery title that combines the best of all worlds.  This ambitious title includes our awesome Asian Jetliner’s Collection – a collection of the most well known Asian jetliners including Singapore Airlines.  We offer meticulously crafted aircraft with stunning graphics eye candy aircraft textures designed to offer breakthroughs to the quality conscious savvy PC pilot.

In addition to breathtaking graphics, stunning animations that mimic closely the landing gear, wing curvature, passenger windows that when looked at closely reveal curtains drawn and people seated in their seats, plus a list of stunning animation features, real world sound effects, landing gear undercarriage animated visuals and an upgraded MD10 cockpit which models closely many of the features found in the DC10 upgrade to a glass cockpit pilot’s office.

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Inside this breathtaking product you’ll find a stunning scenery of Singapore including its famous airports like the Changi International Airport and local airports throughout Singapore.

COME JOIN US and EXPERIENCE FLIGHTSOFT’s STUNNING FLIGHT SCENARIOS specially designed for FLY TO SINGAPORE including bewildering approaches to Changi International Airport during dramatic weather conditions.  Picture being inside your glass cockpit and witnessing stunning vistas on approach with breathtaking views of the Singapore skyline complete with detailed moving traffic on the busy streets of this famous Asian destination.  Come visit SINGAPORE with FLY TO SINGAPORE and experience a scenery of meticulously crafted dimensions open your eyes wide and look at the skyscrapers, other structures, moving street traffic and a host of other eye candy popping features that will surely please the most cryptic critic.

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But don’t let the beauty of the weather conditions fool you … you may find on descent a dense thick fog envelop the aircraft leaving you with nothing to see outside the cockpit window … perhaps this is a good time to transition to an instruments only landing and as the fog becomes thicker and thicker and you descend closer to the ground you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see beautiful runway lights glow in the dense fog beacon you closer to the safety of the runway tarmac as your Singapore jetliner touches down safely on the runway centerline … just one more flight that a professional like you has engineered with great skill and professionalism.

We offer it all … a truly comprehensive inclusive product featuring the Asian Jetliners Package an assortment of famous Asian airlines that frequently fly the Orient Express, a glass cockpit with many MD10 features meticulously rendered with stunning graphical accomplishments and ease of use a feature popular with our customers, plus a whole library of flight scenarios breathtakingly rendered to offer the PC pilot the entire gamut of flight experiences he or she can possibly expect to experience on flights to Singapore and last but not least a stunning new scenery of Singapore that will put a smile on your face … stunning aerial imagery with buildings so perfectly rendered you’ll wonder whether you flying a simulator or in the real world.

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Each approach to a famous destination has been masterfully crafted with plenty of excitement, real world simulation accuracy, and plenty of last second surprises … these assorted titles from FlightSoft focusing on a different Asian destination with brilliantly crafted arrivals to world famous airports will keep the adrenalin pumping as you navigate those twists and turns on final approach as clouds give way to stupendous vistas below with beautifully programmed special lighting effects on approaches to world famous destinations throughout Asia.

FlightSoft provides the PC Pilot with a new collection of popular destinations to complete your Wide Body Jetliner experience.  Why not experience the stunning cities and holiday destinations featured in FlightSoft’s new Asian Collection.   FLY TO SINGAPORE will offer you opportunities to visit one of the most popular destinations in Asia.  We'll provide you with approaches and aircraft to fly to all the famous destinations in Singapore.

Also fly with us to Tokyo, Macau City, Taipei, Asian Holiday Destinations, then take a look at Hong Kong FSX, the next frontier in the history of flight simulation for those serious minded  PC pilots seeking an adventurous approach to Kai Tak Airport – a marvel of Aviation History.


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