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Fly to New York FSX is one of the newest American titles in FlightSoft’s new line of extensive flight simulator add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.  FlightSoft’s New York FSX title is a breathtaking new adventure in the flight sim genre.  The ambitious New York title features the most popular U.S. airlines in the DC10 jetliner type featuring award winning visual models that are meticulously rendered with many eye-candy popping features.

Our jetliner visual models are meant to please the aesthetic sensitive eye with painted textures of the fuselage that are riveting in their accuracy and precision.  The flight models  designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator X are buoyant with flexible ranges of feel during takeoff rolls and the all important flare during the touchdown phases of a landing.  FlightSoft is renowned for designs of flight model parameters that excel all efforts with Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

FLY TO NEW YORK FSX will provide the PC pilot enthusiast with a glass cockpit with MD10 features that come equipped with the most up to date aeronautical technologies to provide you with many many hours of simulation fun and experiences.

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You’ll fly out of some of the most exciting airports in the world including JFK International Airport, Newark, LaGuardia and some regional airfields.

FlightSoft’s vast library of flight scenarios will put you in the cockpit of these famous airliners during takeoffs, arrivals and a vast array of approaches under the most challenging weather conditions to help you realize the most accurate simulation of real world conditions during final approach to these landmark airports.

Fly to New York FSX also provides you with some excursions throughout the Northeast corridor of the United States with flight approaches to airports in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Boston and New Jersey.  The library of flight scenarios will test your stamina for exhilarating possibilities including CAT III landings with fog so thick you’ll be convinced you’re up high inside a cloud instead of seconds away from touchdown down below.  Your landing lights will be so bright that they’ll clear the view in front of your cockpit so you’ll be able to see those bright runway lighting systems with their red, white and green brilliancy make way to the runway.  Our super duper strobe, wing and landing lights will do the job nicely.

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You know you’ve made it to the safety of the tarmac and ready to taxi to the docking gate when your bright lights make everyone aware that you’ve finally arrived on the runway and are about to taxi over to the passenger ramp.

New York’s Airports are a bewildering ensemble of challenges from the mysterious over- water approaches at LaGuardia Airport to the distinguished arrivals at JFK International. You’ll be visiting the most historic airports in North America and the skyline of New York will bring a level of excitement and pleasure you’ve seldom experienced in a flight simulation title.

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You’ll experience Air Traffic Control throughout the New York airspace with meticulous directions for arrivals and approaches to airports in the airspace.  Try flying a crosswind landing using Rudder Pedals and Yoke or a SlideSlip if you’re too high over the glide slope … you’ll find the FlightSoft DC10 Jetliners and Award Winning Flight Model a joy to work with in every possible encounter with weather anomalies throughout all your flight simulator exercises.

FLY TO NEW YORK FSX is your special passport and visa to one of America’s hottest destinations with city airports, International Airports, regional North East U.S. airspace corridor airports and some unusual surprise locations that will match opportunities seldom seen in a flight simulation title and now an exclusive design for Microsoft Flight Simulator X with backward compatibility for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.


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