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FLIGHTSOFT’S FLY TO HAWAII FSX IS one of the newest titles in our North American Collection for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.  Right from the start, let us make the claim that the DC10 Jetliners included in this new FSX flightsim add-on are the most advanced McDonnell Douglas DC10 Jetliner ever to appear in a flight simulator program.

We’ve spared no time or effort in designing the most lavish aircraft with unparalleled details including:

  • Accurate flexing wings
  • Animated flight engineer that automatically moves to a forward position, just behind the throttles, on   takeoff, then back to his engineering panel in flight
  • Full and accurate lighting
  • Low polygon model for great performance, but still keeping the detail
  • Retractable landing lights that extend when switched on, and retract when turned off
  • Accurate and detailed landing gear
  • Opening passenger and baggage doors
  • 3D engine fan blades
  • Extendable refueling boom on the KC-10 aircraft

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You’ll never believe your eyes when you focus your attention on those perfectly circular engines, wings that flex, massively impressive landing lights, flight crew moving about their business in the flight office (viewable from outside the aircraft in spot view) or a whole host of other new features. This is the DC10 Jetliner package of your dreams. You've never seen a DC10 Wide Body Jetliner like this one.

FLY TO HAWAII FSX’s innovative features abound in a blockbuster add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Try out those impressive controls of the advanced glass cockpit panel complete with impressive functionality and surround sound sounds.  We’ve included some advanced MD10 features so you’ll really believe you're in control of your dream machine. Impressive controls make your flying experience a blast and once you touchdown on the tarmac … the thrust reverser engine sounds will put a smile on your happy face. Just look at the details of this impressive beast … no wonder the drool factor is very high.

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FLY TO HAWAII FSX is a `timeless classic’ and one that has won awards and rave reviews in previous versions several years ago. We always promised you the best and now we’ve delivered on that promise. FLY TO HAWAII FSX is not only about aircraft though … this highly impressive title will keep you tinkering with your simulator for years and years.

One of the most impressive features of this `timeless classic’ has been its numerous approaches including those to the Hawaiian Islands and many many other vacation destinations all over the world like that rare approach to Roratonga in the South Pacific, exciting Rio in South America, and your island get-getaways in the Caribbean. Our jetliners will take you there in style and you’ll visit all those sun drenched breezy vacation destinations with hot, humid, tropical breezes that are only seconds away from your computer.

But the best is yet to come … FlightSoft’s FLY TO HAWAII FSX has many show stoppers including its award winning Flight Adventures. Our Flight Adventures are back with a vengeance … the most advanced real world ATC flight adventures ever designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator X including spine tingling ATC driven flights into Honolulu, Kona and the beautiful island of Maui.

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The Flight Adventures bring this package to completion in a unique way unknown in other titles of similar promise. Our Real world ATC is beyond words and vastly different than the `studio recorded stuff’ you see in so many products today. This `real’ ATC feature is what makes FLY TO HAWAII FSX so unique … you’ll fly authentic approaches under enormous pressure to complete your flight office duties while taking your turn flying into stunning island locales like Honolulu International Airport or the resort airports on the islands of Kona or Maui. For the advanced PC pilots you’ll be asked to fly a very sophisticated flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Honolulu Hawaii. We don’t compromise on quality and demand exacting standards for PC pilots with skills to spare and you’ll takeoff with style.

You’ll be pleasantly impressed by our Air Traffic Controlled flights that make this package so special.  The realism of the ATC will blow your mind away. There’s nothing like it anywhere in the gaming industry …. These are truly the ultimate ATC Adventures with a level of realism and sophistication only seen in the real world.

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So give the sofa a break and put on your goggles … find your favorite seat and put on your shoulder harness …. Startup your PC …. And make your next appointment with Microsoft Flight Simulator X the most realistic flying ritual of your life … and remember virtual flying has never been better so take your family and friends on a virtual vacation to Hawaii with FlightSoft’s FLY TO HAWAII FSX and you’ll be glad you did …. Don’t YOU deserve a vacation today?

And … for all you KC10 Extender fans we have the military aircraft of your dreams. Join the Air Force and bring this bird out for a spin … she’s designed to please and you’ll fly the best KC10 to military bases and airports all over the world.

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SO … Put your Flying Hat on … take your family and baggage along too … bring your pets … and get out there! FLY TO HAWAII On A Wide Body DC10 Jetliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator X will be released soon so Pre Order today!

Don’t you want to be the first to order this award winning product from FlightSoft?

Honolulu and Waikiki are only a few mouse clicks away … so order now and get your copy of FLY TO HAWAII FSX and fly your own Wide Body DC10 Jetliner too … for you deserve nothing less than your own giant jetliner to fly all over Hawaii and the rest of the world!

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