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Fly to Germany FSX  is a stunning addition to the European Collection with absolutely breathtaking features plus visits to the Rhine country and all those famous destinations in Germany including Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Hamburg and much much more!  

You’ll fly a wide body jetliner into Frankfurt International Airport in such dense fog and with such little lighting conditions that a CAT III landing will provide a real world simulation of gigantic possibilities when the lights go out and the fog is so thick you can barely see the cockpit window from within the cockpit itself.   Please be ready to keep your eyes focused on the view in front of your computer screen as the runway guidance system’s brilliant CAT III runway lighting kicks into gear and thru the smoky fog comes the runway view just in time too and just barely visible then with greater intensity the aircraft’s automatic ILS guidance system pulls the jetliner to safety right down to the centerline of the runway.  

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Why not visit the Rhine country and sample some of the best wines in the world.  And OKTOBERFEST can be experienced anytime with FLY TO GERMANY FSX for you’ll be visiting the festive atmosphere with real excitement and frivolity as you enjoy some rest and relaxation after landing at Frankfurt International Airport.   But don’t relax too much your chores in flying wide body jetliners require you to be sharp and alert.  When flying into Hamburg you’ll experience the beautiful meadows and hilly valleys with plenty of green vegetation to soothe the eyes while you watch the morning dew provide a kaleidoscope of rainbow colors on final approach to this world-class European city.

Fly to Dusseldorf and prepare yourself for some wonderful circling approaches before capturing the ILS guidance system for a perfect landing in clear sunny weather and an airport as busy as any in the world.  You’ll fly to Berlin and watch the busy traffic coming and going during approach to this magnificent airport.   Now after resting at the hotel why not dance the night away at a famous nightclub or if you’re in one of those refined kind of moods why not head over to hear the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.  Did you know Rafael Frubeck de Burgos is conducting this evening?

Fly to Germany FSX is certainly a handsome addition to your flightsim library and with the EUROPEAN JETLINERS COLLECTION you’ll be flying those Lufthansa and Condor wide body jetliners to every fascinating destination in this exquisite country. 

Come Fly to Germany FSX and experience what this fabulous country filled with castles, mysterious pubs and fine restaurants and a country obsessed with perfection so much so that you’ll immediately fall in love with its extraordinary beauty.

Fly to Germany FSX



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Each approach to a famous German destination has been masterfully crafted with plenty of excitement, real world simulation accuracy, and plenty of last second surprises … each approach scenario designed by FlightSoft aviation software engineers
focus on a different set of pilotage skills associated with some unusual terrain and weather challenged approach profiles to world famous airports.  You’ll feel the adrenalin pumping as you navigate those twists and turns on final approach as clouds give way to stupendous vistas.  These beautifully programmed approach scenarios offer brilliant surprises on short final as special runway lighting effects put a smile on your face as you touchdown at some of the world most famous airports.

FLY TO GERMANY FSX is just one of the exciting new titles in FlightSoft’s ambitious EUROPEAN COLLECTION for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.   FLY TO GERMANY FSX is your passport to Europe with custom approaches to some of the most beautiful places on earth.   FlightSoft’s European Collection add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X  will provide you with approaches flying Europe’s most popular airliners to famous places throughout the European continent … come fly with us and experience the most stunning new FSX titles arriving on retail store shelves this Holiday Season. 

FLY TO GERMANY FSX and other European Collection Add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X will include the EUROPEAN JETLINER’s COLLECTION a large assortment of the most popular airliners in Europe with brilliantly crafted DC10 Wide Body Jetliners and an advanced Glass Cockpit Panel with a wide assortment of MD10 cockpit features.    

REMEMBER FLY TO GERMANY FSX for Microsoft Flight Simulator X is also backward compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.

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