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FLY TO CHICAGO FSX is one of the newest in our North American Collection of add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. The Windy City comes to Flight Simulator X in one of the most breathtaking titles from FlightSoft’s arsenal of product add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

You’ll be immediately immersed in a variety of automated approaches with complex environmental weather challenges because as everyone knows who have flown the Windy City this flight simulator experience is not for the faint of heart.   Chicago airports pose a number of unique challenges not seen in other airports.  It’s the wind … the blowing winds off the lake provide a canopy of crosswind approaches with an assortment of different turbulence that will keep your attention glued to your instrument panel.  Airport approaches in Chicago will require a three person crew as all eyes will be focused on the challenges of flying an instrument approach to airports in and around residential and commercial areas.  

Often complex weather challenges include crosswind anomalies, differing levels of turbulence and a whole spectrum of IFR conditions sometimes dense fog at other times a combination of clear weather only to descend into a soupy misty wet fog immersed airspace combined with pre dawn arrivals to test the metal of the most seasoned PC pilots.

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FLY TO CHICAGO FSX will immerse you in all kinds of complex ATC weather challenged approaches to some of the most sophisticated airports in the world including O’Hare International Airport and the historic Midway Airport.  These famous airports provide the advanced student of flight simulation with a variety of challenging experiences.  FlightSoft’s aeronautical software engineers have designed a library of sophisticated approach scenarios that will exploit the complete range of weather related conditions during the transition from the Arrival Routes to final approach.  Our ingenious methods for exploiting the unique challenges of these airports during the approach phases of flight will bring many hours of intellectual challenge and enjoyment as your wide body jetliner is buffeted by strong crosswinds over the lake and turbulence brings the aircraft to a shaky approach to the runway centerline.  

Experience sophisticated CAT II and CAT III ILS approaches to O’Hare International Airport and Midway Airport.  Don’t forget Meets Field although it is now closed FlightSoft’s vast library of approach scenarios will prepare you to perform a flyover this parcel of land that used to be one of the most interesting small airfields in the world of aviation.

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FLY TO CHICAGO FSX is just one of the exciting new titles in FlightSoft’s ambitious NORTH AMERICAN COLLECTION for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.   FLY TO CHICAGO FSX is your passport to Europe with custom approaches to some of the most beautiful places on earth.   FlightSoft’s North American Collection add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X  will provide you with approaches flying North America’s most popular airliners to famous destinations throughout the Chicago area … come fly with us and experience the most stunning new FSX titles arriving on retail store shelves this Holiday Season. 

FLY TO CHICAGO FSX and other North American Collection Add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X will include the NORTH AMERICAN JETLINERS COLLECTION a large assortment of the most popular airliners in the United States with brilliantly crafted DC10 Wide Body Jetliners and an advanced Glass Cockpit Panel with a wide assortment of MD10 cockpit features.  

REMEMBER FLY TO CHICAGO FSX for Microsoft Flight Simulator X is also backward compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. 

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