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FlightSoft’s Fly to Cancun FSX features the most popular holiday destination airports in Mexico. Fly to Cancun and visit those white fine sandy beaches then head over to Acapulco and explore all facets of the rich holiday tourist region.

While you’re visiting all the popular hot regions in Mexico you may want to visit some out of the way jewels like Isle De Mujeres – one of the most scenic get away islands of the Yucatan Peninsula rich with vegetation, extraordinary private beaches and the most beautifully sculptured airport scenery rich in detail with authentic Mexican flare.

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The Fly to Cancun FSX title offers customers the opportunity to fly the DC10 Wide Body
Jetliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator X with loads of extraordinary features not found
elsewhere. Our meticulously crafted new designs for Microsoft Flight Simulator X will take
you by storm.   

In addition --- flight simmers will be able to fly to all those exotic Mexican holiday destinations
that vacationers visit in real life: CANCUN, ACAPULCO, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Cozumel,
Chichen-Itza (and visit the famous Mayan Ruins), Isla De Mujeres ( Island of the women),
Monterrey, the hustle and bustle of Mexico City and much much more!

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You’ll visit the white sandy beaches of Cancun visit the Mayan Ruins at Chichen-Itza and fly all
over Mexico to exotic vacation destinations in some of the most popular airliners in Latin America.
Cancun is tropical and those afternoon thunderstorms and breezy winds along the palm trees will
keep you coming back for more.

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You’ll touchdown with Aero Peru’s elegant DC10 Jetliner decked with all the eye candy you could
ever imagine …landing lights, immense strobe and undercarriage lighting effects and much much
more as those massive landing wheels screech the surface of the tarmac with an exciting thump
of the front landing wheels while those massive thrust reverser engines do their thing to slow you
down by the end of the runway …. The approaches to all the hot destinations in Mexico will have
you riveted to the cockpit cabin seats as you negotiate the busy taxiways and runways of Mexico’s
most exciting places to fly into on a DC10 wide body Jetliner.

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Come visit sunny Acapulco and witness the immense airport activities that authentic feeling that you’ve
arrived in Acapulco Airport and are ready for a well earned vacation.

What about a cockpit view of the approach to Mexico City …. Those busy streets and beautiful architectural
wonders will impress you more and more.

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Or maybe a short vacation to Monterrey … a popular destination on the vacation gauntlet.

Now for some extraordinary images of this fabulous new Add-On for Microsoft Flight Simulator X
show you that exotic flair   please indulge yourself by viewing these extraordinary images.

Here’s some exclusive screenshots of the extraordinary DC10 Jetliners that will invite you to take
them to the skies and FLY TO CANCUN On A Wide Body DC10 Jetliner in Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

 Click on image below to view full size                          Click on image below to view full size 


FLY TO CANCUN FSX is just one of the exciting new titles in FlightSoft’s ambitious NORTH AMERICAN COLLECTION
for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.   FLY TO CANCUN FSX is your passport to Mexico’s hottest vacation destinations
with custom approaches to some of the most beautiful places on earth.   Come fly with us and experience the
most stunning new FSX title arriving on retail store shelves this Holiday Season. 

FLY TO CANCUN FSX will include the LATIN AMERICAN JETLINERS COLLECTION a large assortment of the most
popular airliners flying into Mexico and its stellar destinations and fly to Mexico with brilliantly crafted DC10
Wide Body Jetliners and an advanced Glass Cockpit Panel with a wide assortment of MD10 cockpit features.  


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