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Fly to California FSX is one of our landmark American titles in our vast portfolio of flight sim add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.  Our Fly to California title is one of the newest FlightSoft products in our North American Collection.  FlightSoft takes a different perspective on a California title.  Our efforts focus on placing you, the PC Pilot, in numerous flight scenarios taking charge of a meticulously crafted DC10 Jetliner upgraded with a glass cockpit filled with rich MD10 features to fly you safely to famous airports and urban airfields throughout California.

In FLY TO CALIFORNIA FSX PC Pilots have finally found a title that speaks to the complex needs and learning aspirations of the flight simulation community.  You’ll enjoy a rich library of flight scenarios designed for the beginner, mid level and advanced student of PC flight simulation.  Our Flight Scenarios take you where you’ve never gone before … experience a dawn approach with fog so thick you can barely differentiate it from a solid wall as you descend over water to a beautiful airfield in Oakland California.  

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FlightSoft’s Fly to California FSX is a packed with features add-on featuring the North American Jetliner’s Collection a U.S. Airline based collection of Award Winning DC10 Jetliners that are meticulously designed with flawless visual models, unique and splendid sound effects and the best flight model ever designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.   Our software engineers filled the flight model parameters with such realistic features that you’ll begin to believe you’re flying the real deal. 

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San Francisco International Airport provides real world and PC pilots with one of the most exciting approach profiles in aviation.  You’ll enjoy the exit from the Arrival Star to the approach profile as your aircraft automatically negotiates for you the various turns and maneuvers over water to align itself with the centerline of the ILS runway as you descend thru light fog and see the spectacular runway lighting system that makes San Francisco International Airport one of the most exciting approaches to an airfield in aviation.

FlightSoft brings you the major airlines from North America in this exciting new add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.   What is especially intriguing is the DC10 Upgrade a glass cockpit panel that is feature rich with MD10 knobs and buttons to help you negotiate all those exciting maneuvers you’ll make during your flights to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, Orange County, San Diego, San Jose, Fresno, Long Beach, Sacramento, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Freemont, Irvine, Glendale, San Bernardino, Pomona, Santa Clarita, Oceanside, Pasadena, Huntington Beach, Palmdale, Santa Clara, San Mateo and the list goes on and one.   This is a truly spectacular new title from FlightSoft packed with exciting rendezvous to all the major airfields and small airports in California.

Fly to California will bring PC Pilots an exciting state with airports of all various sizes, shapes and complexity.  You’ll love the renditions of Los Angeles International Airport and its over water approaches to ILS runways with complex runway lighting systems and once touched down on the runway you’ll be escorted to some of the most advanced docking gate systems of any airport in the world

You will fly to California’s many airports in your favorite American airline and our software engineers spared no efforts in designing visual models that are eye candy sensitive to you most finicky tastes for quality and realism.  Just look at this beautiful aircraft parked at one of the airports in California.   Just imagine flying this beautiful bird to your favorite hideout in California.  We know you love all the fuss and finicky attention to detail FlightSoft software gurus have designed into these pieces of perfection.  Just let your eyes water and view these spectacular screenshots … don’t these images look AS REAL AS CAN BE?

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COME JOIN US and EXPERIENCE FLIGHTSOFT’s STUNNING NEW FLY TO CALIFORNIA FSX and find out what the flightsoft experience is truly all about.  FlightSoft’s newly designed American Jetliners Collection will immerse you in the experience of flying U.S. airliners to all the cities and urban airfields in California plus a glass cockpit panel with rich and robust MD10 features yet easy to use for all your flying maneuvers and approach exercises to airport destinations in California.

OUR FLIGHT SCENARIOS are so rich and complex that you’ll be using these intricately designed features for all your travel adventures throughout California and explore and become familiar with every possible approach maneuver to San Francisco, Los Angeles International, San Diego, San Jose and all of California’s exciting regional airports and island destinations.

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