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Tribute to the DC10 for FS98  By Howard Curtis, Aircraft Illustrated Magazine, UK, January 2000 issue

Fly to Hawaii for FS2000  By Steve "Bear" Cartright, from  2001

Fly to Hawaii for FS2000  By Dr. Andrew Herd (15 October 2001) from

Fly to Hawaii for FS2002  By Capt Mason, Flight Simulation Editor (31 March 2003) from

The Ultimate Hong Kong Simulation for FS2002 By Terblanche Jordaan (3 September 2002) from

The Ultimate Hong Kong Simulation for FS2002 By Anthony Vallillo, Senior Captain of a major U.S. airline

Fly to Rio for FS2004  By Anthony Vallillo, Senior Captain of a major U.S. airline (17 January 2005)


Our staff has provided you with a number of reviews of FlightSoft titles going back to those early years of our prolific history but humble beginnings.  We hope you will enjoy reading reviews of our Fly to Hawaii and The Ultimate Hong Kong Simulation titles. These extraordinary products and the wildly popular Tribute to the DC10 have been reviewed countless times in numerous media publications in both print and online.  

FlightSoft’s meteoric rise as the trusted brand name for Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons is the result of painstaking efforts over many years. Our management and development teams have provided customers with breathtaking titles that have a long and exciting history. The FlightSoft brand has been featured in retail stores all over the world. The largest gaming publishers have licensed our products for worldwide publication and distribution. We’ve been honored by appearances on the BBC Television Network and you can even find reviews of our titles in such prestigious publications as the U.K. giant Aircraft Illustrated Magazine.  FlightSoft’s Ultimate Hong Kong Simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator has won coveted First Prize Best Commercial add-on awards by such gaming publication giants as ComputerBild Magazine, Europe’s largest magazine for Gaming products and Mobile Phones.

So please enjoy reading just a few of the countless articles and reviews expressing what we at FlightSoft have known all along … our products are popular at the retail store chains because of the vast strengths and profound excellence embodied in any of our legendary titles for Microsoft Flight Simulator.