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FlightSoft is a privately owned U.S. company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Founded in 1995 FlightSoft is one of the most sought after brand names in retail stores worldwide in the PC Flight Simulation genre.

FlightSoft first garnered fame with its Tribute to the DC10 product add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98.  The ambitious FlightSoft title won several awards both in the United States and abroad.  Tribute brought FlightSoft to the worldwide attention of PC pilots or Flight Simmers (as they are called) and thus began the road to stardom.    

FlightSoft’s pioneering work in video real scenery (a term coined by the company) would set it apart from other competitors in the field.  Amongst several breakthrough products in this genre the Hong Kong add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator would become synonymous with the term Video Real Scenery.  FlightSoft’s Hong Kong title won several First Prize Awards including the most coveted Best Commercial Add-on Award by the prestigious German giant ComputerBild Magazine Europe’s largest PC Games and Mobile Phone Magazine.

The stellar reviews that appeared in ComputerBild Magazine and the highly coveted First Prize awarded to FlightSoft would bring with it a meteoric rise in brand name recognition in the marketplace and amongst executives of major publishing concerns.  Gaming company executives would seek out FlightSoft’s titles and the FlightSoft brand would be licensed and marketed by such gaming giants as ACTIVISION, NBG MultiMedia, UBI SOFT, KOCH MEDIA,  MINDSCAPE, POINTSOFT, SYBEX and others. 

FlightSoft’s appearance on the BBC in a television special devoted to the history of flight simulation which aired throughout the European continent would soon propel the company’s brand as a household name in the PC flight simulation world.

FlightSoft is one of the trusted names in the PC  Flight Simulation industry.  FlightSoft’s brand name is known for delivery of impeccable software design and flawless execution of installation programs, breathtaking artwork on DVD boxes, rich and extensive product features and revolutionary technologies in the genre of video real scenery. 

FlightSoft’s unique success has transformed its brand name as an undisputed pioneer in its field.

FlightSoft is about to make history again with the release of its latest installment in its Video Real Scenery series.  

HONG KONG FSX The Next Frontier in PC based Flight Simulation will raise the bar and emerge as the next benchmark in the history of PC Flight Simulators. This pioneering work will reinforce the FlightSoft brand name as the undisputed leader in PC Flight Simulation add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

FlightSoft’s marketing department will soon provide extensive and detailed Press Releases on this historic product including exclusive screenshots on the next generation Hong Kong FSX The Next Frontier in the history of PC Flight Simulation.