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FlightSoft has garnered much praise and has picked up a number of awards over the years for its achievements in the flight simulation industry.  We shared First Prize Best Commercial Add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 in AVSIM’s coveted Bravo/Zulu Award for our legendary title TRIBUTE TO THE DC10 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98.  

The AVSIM Award brought FlightSoft to the attention of flight simmers from around the world.   The Avsim Award was a benchmark in FlightSoft’s early history making it a rising star and a leader in PC flight simulation. 

FlightSoft’s success over the years has made it a household name in the PC flight simulation market.   FlightSoft has won a number of prestigious awards including ComputerBild Magazine’s First Prize Best Commercial Add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.  The award came with little notice and the top prize for Best add-on propelled our Ultimate Hong Kong Simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator to the top of the flightsim charts and especially high marks in European retail sales.   FlightSoft’s innovative Hong Kong scenery sold out in all the major retail stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland after only six weeks of being launched in these important markets.  

ComputerBild Magazine’s review of FlightSoft’s Ultimate Hong Kong Simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator would soon catch the eye of technology experts at the BBC Television Network.    

The BBC would soon produce a television special on the history of Flight Simulation. FlightSoft was the only company producing add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator that was featured in this television event.  The BBC’s technology experts would showcase FlightSoft’s Ultimate Hong Kong Simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator demonstrating the infamous Kai Tak Approach to television audiences throughout Europe.  BBC savvy tech gurus  set up a special studio with PC Flight Yokes, Rudder Pedals and large screen demonstrating what was described as more advanced scenery than Microsoft Flight Simulator or any industry related products. Television audiences would see a demonstration of an approach to Kai Tak Airport featuring close-ups of our detailed and unprecedented achievements in scenery design for the personal computer.  

The ComputerBild Magazine’s Review and Top Award for PC Flight Simulation and the BBC Television Special on the History of Flight Simulation would put the FlightSoft Brand Name on the perennial map.  The FlightSoft brand would remain on the radar screen of giant gaming publication executives for a long time.   FlightSoft products would soon be licensed for retail store distribution by such giants as UBI SOFT, ACTIVISION, NBG MultiMedia, KOCH MEDIA, MINDSCAPE,  POINTSOFT, SYBEX , etc. 

FlightSoft would receive numerous Platinum Awards, First Prize Awards and stellar reviews throughout its history from a wide number of media publications devoted to gaming products both in print form and online.

FlightSoft will soon present a revolutionary new title a modern incarnation of its historic Hong Kong landmark for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

The revolutionary title HONG KONG FSX - The Next Frontier in the History of Flight Simulation will stretch the envelope of what is possible with current and future PC chip hardware and graphics technologies.  

FlightSoft has long been the leader in Video Real Scenery products for Microsoft Flight Simulator.  The next installment in our video real scenery series is the cutting edge and a historic version of HONG KONG.  FlightSoft will go where no other company has ever taken us in the design of video real scenery. 

FlightSoft’s Press Department will provide media outlets with a detailed Press Release including exclusive screenshots of this brilliant new product add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. 

Please check our website for regular updates.