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The Early Years


As Real As Can Be 767 Jetliners and Panel  By Staff   November 1996

As Real As Can Be 777 Jetliners and Panel  By Staff   June 2001

Our staff has provided you with some fascinating product reviews during FlightSoft’s formative years a time when PC graphics technology was so very primitive and the visual designs of aircraft and scenery looked so poor that one has to wonder from today’s perspective … what was all the fuss about?  We won’t go so far as to say that the screenshots you are about to view are little more than cartoon drawings of jetliners … but then again!!! 

Yet even during such a primitive period in the history of the PC Flight Simulation genre FlightSoft’s work was hailed as `state of the art.’  FlightSoft was and still is a company that makes those breakthrough products that inspire other development teams to emulate its success story.

So take a look back at the early years of Flight Simulation – its primitive past and humble beginnings. FlightSoft’s achievements have been a critical benchmark in the evolution of the PC Flight Simulation industry.

Our management team is very excited these days because FlightSoft is about to make history again with an even newer and more advanced version of its legendary HONG KONG video real scenery.  FlightSoft will take the PC Flight Simulation genre where no other design house or publisher has ever taken it before.  We are about to stretch the envelope of possibilities and expand the frontiers of PC Flight Simulation.   But for a brief but fleeting moment let’s all reflect on those humble beginnings  those early years when cartoon like images of jetliners graced our computer screens.  A time when FlightSoft’s primitive work was being hailed as a significant breakthrough in flight simulation. 

PC Flight Simming was never as simple as it was in its formative years often little more than a brief diversion from reality and those simple images on the computer screen … those primitive drawings of aircraft and cartoon like images of scenery … but even such humble starts were just the beginning of a quest for perfection and realism.

Enjoy reading about the early years of our story because lots of breakthroughs have occurred in PC graphics and PC hardware since those times.  Today with Microsoft Flight Simulator X and the newest advances in PC hardware our industry can produce products that achieve the look and feel of real flight. 

Our next breakthrough product HONG KONG FSX - THE NEXT FRONTIER IN THE HISTORY OF FLIGHT SIMULATION will take you on a journey to a new product space … a glimpse into a `place and time’ in the future of PC flight simulation. 

For now let’s look back at those Early Years – our humble beginnings and the primitive past in the history of PC based Flight Simulation.